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Unified system for business - Retail and wholesale, production, multicurrency, loyalty program, finance, warehouse accounting and cash desk.

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What will Skynum give your business?

Trading Accounting

A powerful system of warehouse accounting and control of turnover in the store and in the warehouse.

Online cash desk

AWS of the cashier for retail sale of goods with online and offline mode of operation.

CRM system

Maintaining the customer base, loyalty programs, customer segmentation.

Online store

Create your own online store integrated with the merchandising system.

Who benefits from Skynum?

Retail trade

Retail trade

Wholesale trade

Wholesale trade

Online Stores

Online Stores

What are the trading opportunities?

What are the trading opportunities?
  • Warehouse accounting - receipt and consumption of goods, inventory, control of balances.
  • The automated workstation of the cashier is a full-fledged online cash register.
  • Settlements with buyers and suppliers.
  • Printing of price tags, barcodes and labels.
  • Trading business
  • reports, charts and indicators.
  • Printing of documents - consignment notes, cash orders, payment orders.
  • Discount cards and maintaining a customer base.
  • Built-in online store and online showcase of your products.

Free version

All the features of the Skynum system are available in the free version. Get started now.

Built-in online store

Create your own online store integrated into the commodity accounting system. Skynum offers a comprehensive solution - a full-fledged business and an online store in one place.

The visual designer allows you to quickly customize the appearance of the online store. Connect your own domain or use our free subdomain.

The availability of goods in the online store is updated automatically according to warehouse accounting, and orders from customers are included in the document management cycle.

Built-in online store

Trade Automation

Skynum is a cloud-based software for trade automation and warehouse accounting. It includes a wide range of tools for accounting for goods, mutual settlements with suppliers and buyers, maintaining a customer base, inventory, cash control, printing documents, price tags and barcodes, wholesale and retail sales of goods and analytical reporting.

Quick start

The convenience of cloud technologies allows you not to worry about installing and configuring a commodity accounting system, laying a local network and maintaining server maintenance specialists. You can start working with the program in a matter of minutes simply by registering on our website.

Warehouse accounting online

Warehouse accounting of goods takes place in the context of an unlimited number of points of sale, stores and warehouses. You will always know the balance of goods in quantitative and monetary terms. Convenient and reliable functionality for inventory of goods will help to identify shortages and surpluses of goods in each warehouse.

Inventory record


The product

file contains not only product cards, but also a large functionality for product control: balances, movement, purchases, sales both for all goods with the possibility of filtering in various sections, and for a specific product. On the procurement page, you can view the goods selected by the filter, specify the required quantity for the purchase for each product ( based on the balances and stock rate) and immediately receive and print the generated Order to the supplier document.

The product card takes into account multiple fields that cover the needs for a product description and presents a set of informative tabs to get a complete picture of it. For convenience, when implementing the program, there is a function of import-export of a list of goods from/to Excel. Printing of labels and barcodes has been implemented.

Movement of goods in the warehouse

Receipt of goods is issued through the delivery note from the supplier. At the time of activation of the document, there is an increase in the number of goods in the warehouse and the formation of a debt to the supplier by the amount Depending on the agreement with the supplier, payment can be made in cash by means of a cash order or by non-cash payment by means of a bank order.

Settlements with counterparties

Accounting of counterparties is organized by groups of Suppliers, Buyers, as well as by user groups that you can create at your discretion. The card of partners (counterparties) contains the data necessary for the formation of receipt and expenditure documents, orders to suppliers, invoices, summary reports. Turnovers and documents for the selected period can be viewed separately for each counterparty. The counterparty's card contains operational information about its debt (or your debt to it).



The movement of goods occurs through documents - receipt from the supplier, receipt, write-off of goods, internal movements, order to the supplier, return to the supplier, wholesale sale, retail sale, wholesale return, retail return, revaluation, adjustment, order from the buyer, inventory.

Each document, once generated, can be printed or saved to a file. These are invoice, delivery note, revaluation, write-off sheets, surplus receipt log, inventory sheets. To fill in printed documents with all the necessary data, the system provides directories: banks, units of measurement, counterparties, warehouses, groups of goods, data on your organization (name, registration and tax codes, data on the bank, by officials) and others.

Control of goods and finances

Each commodity document can be linked to a payment document, forming a closed chain of movement of goods and money, and thus providing complete control over your trading activities. Cash flows are processed through cash receipts and disbursement slips and bank payments. After each transaction, the real balance in the cash desk and on the current account is displayed. Payment orders, orders containing all the necessary information obtained from the entered payment and the corresponding directories are automatically generated for printing.

Online store


The Skynum platform provides excellent functionality for commodity accounting of online stores of any profile. You can connect the data synchronization of your online store with Skynum to exchange information about product availability and orders from customers.

Online store


If you do not already have an online store, Skynum provides its own online store builder, which is fully integrated with the merchandising system. Why was it made? So that everything is in one place, when you do not need to switch from a warehouse accounting program to an online store and constantly move from one site to another.

But the main thing is that your online store is managed directly from the merchandising program. The availability of a particular product is calculated automatically from the actual receipt and expenditure. In the product file, those that are to be displayed in the online store are marked. If necessary, the promo price and other information for display are indicated, photos of the product are uploaded. Orders for goods from the online store immediately enter the accounting system, where on their basis you can immediately arrange the sale and shipment of goods.



Skynum provides convenient functionality for retailers. In retail, the speed of customer service at the checkout is important. You need to sell products using a barcode scanner, visual search, and quick code search. It is also good to have discount and bonus loyalty programs. Taking into account these requirements, the Skynum system includes an online cash register or cashier's workstation (automated workplace) for the retail sale of goods.



The cashier's AWS works online, while after each sale of goods, a change in the number of goods in the warehouse and an increase in trading revenue in the context of each change of the cashier are recorded.

In case of low speed or temporary unavailability of the Internet, the online cash register goes offline, which ensures a non-stop sales process. Data is synchronized when you reconnect to the network. Moreover, the cashier can work offline for any length of time, synchronization will be required only to receive output reports or download information about completely new products from the main database.

The cash desk is easy to use, equipped with all the necessary functions, and requires a minimum of time to master. The system has functionality for working with discount cards, a customizable system of discounts and bonus accumulation.

Automation of wholesale trade

Wholesale trade in Skynum is carried out through the creation of an expenditure invoice for the goods sold based on the advance payment or the creation of a payment document (order or payment order) with the subsequent execution of a wholesale document. In both cases, it is possible to link the product document to the corresponding payment document. All documents contain information about the buyer, which allows in case of overpayment to take into account the overpaid amounts to repay his subsequent purchases. The buyer's card contains lists of his commodity and payment documents, as well as debit and credit turnovers for any selected period.


Analytics & Reporting

The results of trading activities are reviewed in the reports on the movement of goods, on the balances of goods in the context of groups and warehouses, cash and banking registers, turnover balance sheet for any period.

You always have at your fingertips information about revenue and income for the week, month, year, information on the volume of sales of current and in comparison with previous periods in digital terms and in the form of charts.

Flexible settings and features

The Skynum platform allows simultaneous operation of many users, which are divided by access rights. You will be able to configure the system in full accordance with the requirements of your business, and if not, send us a request to add a new feature.

User support

The Skynum interface is simple and accessible, you will be able to start working intuitively. Nevertheless, in our Knowledge Base, we talk in detail about each document and the workflow as a whole. You can also contact us for help directly through the feedback form. We will answer all your questions!

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